Copy of Artsy Yellow Chiffon Floral Prom Dress with Rainbow Floral Print and Extra Wide Skirt Hem

$379.99 USD

You only get one chance at a first impression. Leave everyone speechless at first sight as you make a grand entrance on Prom night. This angelic floor length dress will capture the attention and heart of everyone in the room.

You can make a statement in a dress that’s timeless and elegant. This white chiffon evening dress features a vibrant pink lily print beginning at the hem of the skirt and sweeping upward, stopping short of the empire waist yoke. An empire waist with angled yoke creates a soft, feminine silhouette. The open shoulders and ruffled sleeves add layer of sweet and sassy. Create memories that will last a lifetime in this picture perfect white floral evening gown.

Default dress length is 55"



White Base, Pink Lily Print Concentrated on Skirt Hem, Plain White Top, Ruffled Sleeves, Open Shoulders, Empire Waistline, Angled Waist Yoke, Long Skirt with Extra Wide Hem, Soft Lining


This dress is made to order and will be dispatched in business days.

Item ID: C25

This item is designed, made and sold by Independent Designer Luvenza. For any inquiry, please contact the designer at


Luvenza is a unique fashion company dedicated to bringing you high-end fashion, superior craftsmanship, and original design in a convenient virtual storefront.  This classic, feminine brand is a collaborative effort of high-end independent designers that are passionate about unique design and exemplary quality. Unlike the mass-produced dresses found in big box stores, each of our dresses are handmade in our workshop so we can maintain control over design, fabric quality, and craftsmanship. From breathtaking accents and patterns to comfortable liners we take pride in every stitch of every dress.... Read More

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