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Jigsaw Puzzle Ball

Jigsaw Puzzle Ball


Jigsaw Puzzle Ball

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This nifty Jigsaw Puzzle Ball, in light blonde wood, is two products for the price of one: a puzzle and a ball! Designed for kids (aged eight and up) and adults alike, this special one is a great addition to any toy box or games room. See more in the toys games online.

Ball-Shaped Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzles are an excellent way to test your brainpower in a fun, relaxed setting – either on your own or with your family. And this here is no exception. It may look simple, but creating the perfectly round ball takes some practice! Curious to give it a go? Order yours today. Sneak a peek in the homepage for other great wooden products.

Puzzle Style: Personalized Jigsaw
Style: Geometric Shape
Age Range: 8 Years to Adult
Material: Wood
Model Number: round ball
Gender: Unisex

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